Friday, June 25, 2021

Alcohol Ink Background Technique

The latest technique trend is the 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (can't be a less %) and Stampin' Blends on Vellum cardstock. Have you tried it? I hadn't until recently and I'm sharing my creations with you today. One thing about this technique is you will never have the same result twice. Each card will be unique!

Here's how I did the process:
1. Color spots, blotches, dots with whatever color's of Stampin' Blends you think will look nice together on the vellum cardstock.

2. I filled a retired aqua painter in my collection with the alcohol, but Stampin' Up! currently sells Water Painters (set of 3 for $12). I would use the pointy medium tip. Squeeze some alcohol so the brush tip is kinda drippy.

3. Tap the aqua painter/water painter on your index finger and let the alcohol drops fall where they may on the vellum cardstock. Try not to have the drips start pooling up too much. The larger the pool of alcohol the larger the "bleeding/running" of the Blends ink on the vellum cardstock. (You can see the variety of sizes of my dots.)

4. Keep dripping alcohol until you are pleased with the look. If you want to try blowing the puddles around with a straw that may help with color coverage.

5. Take your heat tool and on the lowest setting, heat up the vellum to help speed the alcohol to dry/evaporate. The vellum cardstock will start to curl up. Don't panic yet!

Here's where you have some choices to make! What color cardstock are you going to mount your artwork on? My top two photos above the vellum is mounted to Basic White. The bottom photo it is mounted to Gold Foil. Interesting change in look don't you think?

The trick to getting your vellum to lie flat again is to use the Adhesive sheets. Cut your adhesive sheet so it will cover the vellum completely. I love the fact that the adhesive doesn't show a bit!

Now you have more decisions to make about how you want to make your card. My cards are simple to accent the color, but they are still gorgeous in my opinion. Let me know what you think in the comments!

I highly recommend you try this technique, you'll have a lot of fun!

Have a great day being creative!

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