Monday, March 14, 2022

Cutting Diagram for Proportional Layers on Card Fronts

Today and tomorrow I'll be sharing with you two useful tools to help you make beautiful cards. Have you struggled with deciding how many layers your card design should have? This guide should help you.

 Today's freebie is a Proportional Layers/Mat Measurements Graphic you can save (right-click on the image below and do a "save image as" to your laptop or desktop computer.)  From there you can print it out for reference in your craft room.

My guide goes by 1/4" increments which help you decide how many layers you want your card to have.

I hope you find this reference useful. I wish I had made one back in the early days of learning to stamp, it would have helped so much!

Drop me a comment if you think this guide will help you too!

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