Friday, October 1, 2021

Hello October! Let's Decorate!

Do you like to do theme decorating? Wanna see my cute Halloween decorating? I thought I'd share a few pictures today to help show some of my other loves in addition to cardmaking.

The photo below shows my shoe bench next to the front door. I try to keep it decorated with fun things. I finally finished that cute small pumpkin quilt so it made a great starting point. I love the artwork of Meg Hawkey at Crabapple Hill Studio. She designs wonderful patterns that I like to embroider. Since I love sunflowers this design was a must-do. The darling scarecrow was a fall bazaar purchase long ago. It has held up well.

Did you know Tiered Trays are all the rage nowadays?  I had this three-tier lightweight gray wood stand that I have used at a few craft shows. It doesn't really do what I want it to at the shows, so I thought this use would work much better. I think it looks great sitting on my buffet that is also filled with my cards for sale racks, catalogs, and order forms. 

I pulled out my Halloween decor tub from my front coat closet (there's not a lot of room for coats really, it's mainly full of totes with a variety of holiday decor in them LOL) and started pulling out my small items to arrange on the trays.

I have candles, figurines, bottles, stitched felt mini pillows, mini-quilts, plastic mini pumpkins, some framed Halloween stamped images, a small 5x7 stitchery, a small wooden sign, and more. I did buy the beads with the pumpkin at the end (good old Walmart!)

Some of the items on the trays are more than forty years old, others I have picked up along the way. I even got out my knitting needles and knitted up that mini pumpkin in the front center of the bottom tray. It was a fun and easy project to do while watching television in the evening. Did you know nice people share their patterns online? I was happy to find one that I could do.

My plan is to keep this tiered tray decor idea going year-round with a new theme each month. I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Like it? Would you do something similar? I think it is fun to be able to incorporate some of my stamping home decor pieces into my monthly holiday decorating too. 

Happy October to you!

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