Monday, July 28, 2014

Paper Pumpkin Independence Day Wreath

Better late than never is my motto! I was inspired by Kathy Kartak's design and how she used her June Paper Pumpkin kit to make a cool wreath. So I decided to case her idea and make a wreath for myself. Lucky for me I happened to have a round wreath form hanging around and some leftover 1-1/2" wide navy blue satin organza ribbon from my daughter's wedding a few years ago, so I began!  

I wrapped the wreath with the navy ribbon and hot glued it at the start and finish to hold it. I had some narrow navy blue ribbon I tied around the wreath to make a hanger. Then I cut lengths of the navy ribbon and just tied it once like a bow tie, so I could hot glue it between the pinwheels for filler.  I made the pinwheels and hot glued as I went around adding the ribbon as I went. The crowning touch was I used my giant rhinestones colored with red sharpie and stuck them to the middle of the large silver brad in the center of each pinwheel.  Because you have to have some "sparkle" for Independence Day!

Hang it up and Enjoy!
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