Thursday, May 19, 2022

Don't Miss Out on the InColor Starter Kit Offer

This InColor Starter Kit Promotion is INCREDIBLE. It will end on May 31st. The value you will receive is over the top! Let me answer some questions you may have about joining the Stampin' Up! family.

One of the most common questions I get asked is about the Stampin' Up! sales requirement. Maybe you were wondering too! So here's the deal without any fluff!

The minimum retail sales to stay active is $300 per quarter. So yeah, about a $100 per month for the budget if you'd like to join for the discount only. However, I recommend planning two orders of $150 each so you can earn an additional $15 worth of Stampin' Rewards for more FREE products with each order! Or if you'd rather save up and do a $300 order once per quarter, your Stampin' Rewards would be $30 in products free!

It's not hard to meet the minimum at all, especially if you know just 1-2 friends who would like to order regularly.

Some other cool stuff about the minimums:

Everything YOU personally buy (except catalogs or business supplies) counts towards that minimum. So you can be your own (and only!) customer if you want. I currently have two teammates, one is happily building her collection and and enjoying all the perks just ordering for herself. The other is holding classes with friends a couple times a month and has no problem meeting her minimums and enjoying all the perks.

You never have to place another order or recruit unless YOU want to. So you wouldn't stick out if you joined us just for the fun and discount.

And as for what happens if you don't sell or buy $300 in a quarter? You have a "grace" month to fix that and stay active. If after the month is out and you are still short, you drop as a demonstrator, but there's no penalties and you never have to return anything.

I know this is a lot of info, but there's one more tidbit you should know about Stampin' Up!s minimum sales requirements. The quarter in which you join us is free! So your first $300 doesn't have to be sold/bought until the end of the next quarter. 

Say you decide to join with this month's amazing InColor Starter Kit offer in the April-May-June quarter. You'd want to make sure your totals were at least $300 by the end of the July-August-September quarter. It's awesome to have a little more time to get your plans together and work on your shopping list. Not to mention you would get to see the July-Dec. Mini Catalog and second Sale-a-Bration offerings in June, a month early! 

I'm here to help you every step along the way! This $99 deal will give you over $200 worth of value!

Come join the fun right here!

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