Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Becoming a Papercrafter Makes You Feel Great!

No matter what I create - whether it be papercrafting projects like cards or party favors, or making quilts, or baking sweet treats, or planning out my garden, or stitching wool applique projects, I have learned I can't go very many days without working on something creative with my hands. These creative projects soothe my soul.

Do you feel this same way? 

So in yesterday's blog post you learned a bit about the big wide world of papercrafting!

Today we will focus a bit more on the feelings and emotions connected to papercrafting and why it is good for your mood and endorphins.

Q: Why should I try papercrafting?

A: There are so many reasons for you to try papercrafting! 

Here's my Top 10 list: 

1) You can look at papercrafting as a therapeutic creative outlet for yourself. (Some folks go to therapists, but papercrafting is a different way to express your feelings in a safe environment of your own home.) 

2) You can feel proud when you gift others with your creations and art work. 

3) You can make pretty decor items to enjoy in your home, such as wreaths, framed shadowboxes, advent calendars, the sky is the limit!

4) You can do Random Acts of Kindness by sending cards to others for no special reason, other than just to cheer them up (which in turn cheers you up)!

5) You'll save yourself last minute trips to the store to buy a greeting card that you need, and you'll feel better that you made the card yourself with love.

6) At first, this hobby doesn't have to take up a lot of space. You can work on projects in front of the television. But if you grow to love it like I do, you may take over an extra closet, bedroom, or even build a "craft cottage" with all your wonderful tools, supplies, and creations! Did you know you can search Pinterest for Craft Room organizing tips? Yes!

7) After the pandemic restrictions loosen up, you can get together with friends and/or family to work on projects together. But in the meantime you can bless others by sending cards and little gifts through the  mail to help them not feel so isolated and alone. Share your joy, it will make you feel good too!

8) If you have children or grandchildren you can share a new hobby - learning and creating together. They will have a life long skill to enjoy! Not to mention spending quality time together.

9) If you need to earn some extra money you may decide you want to start a side hustle or online business in papercrafting.

10) It's all about creative expression - you don't have to be perfect at it. If you make a little boo-boo you can flip the cardstock over, or put an embellishment on a accidental dot of ink somewhere. 

Q: Is there a downside to Papercrafting?

A:  I personally don't see a downside to papercrafting. You can recycle the paper if you mess up. Or you can cut the paper down and use it for a greeting tag. Or you can use it as fuel in your fireplace or wood stove. 

Like anything in life, with this hobby you decide how you want to spend your time and money and the amount you have available to spend. 

Of course you may have someone in your life who doesn't understand your new interest and makes negative comments. Just tell them it brings you JOY and they can keep their negative comments to themselves! Then give them a creation you've made and tell them you made it just for them! That ought to soften them up! 


So I hope today's post has given you some food for thought about giving papercrafting a try! It's good for your soul!

Tomorrow we will talk about the basic tools you'll need to get started with you make papercrafting life easier. You know, it's all about good tools and good products! Quality products do cost more, but they last forever and the results are incredible!

Thanks for visiting today! See you tomorrow!

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