Friday, August 24, 2012

Just have to Share!

My full-time job is as a 5th grade public school teacher, and over the summer I had to move classrooms because a new program was coming to our school. So with the chance to make a fresh start I couldn't resist trying something totally new and different.being inspired by the Ron Clark Academy of Atlanta, GA that I visited earlier this year. Since I have an Interactive White Board in my class (which I plan on using a whole lot more), I decided why put posters on the wall, let's create a little ambiance instead! So here's my attempt at an Art Gallery!

The sheer curtains were from IKEA that I stapled on the wall. I tied them back with sparkly wire. The art prints were ones I'd accumulated over the years, and I thrift stored for usable picture frames that I spray painted black to mount some of the prints in. My color theme is white, sapphire blue and black. I'm very happy with how it looks.

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