Monday, August 15, 2011

Discovered a New Magazine

I recently bought my first issue of Where Women Create  (Aug/Sept/Oct 2011) at Fred Meyer ($14.99), and oh my gosh, even though I've never paid that much for a magazine before, it is SO inspiring. It shares creative and inspiring work spaces from several "famous" women and in this issue, there's even one man, Tim Holtz! The reason I picked it up is that now my daughter and son-in-law have moved into their first home and she cleaned out quite a bit of her stuff in her old bedroom, I can now design my own creative workspace there!!! I'm so excited, but nervous because there are so many ways I could go with designing this space. I'm going to have to mull things over for a while and keep getting inspired by looking back through this magazine over and over. I may even have to do some antique store looking, as I can't decide if I want my space to be clean and modern or antique chic!

I'll close with one of many quotes from the magazine..."Creating takes courage. Everything you create reveals a little - or a lot - about yourself. Be brave and go for it."  (In Heather Bailey's article.)

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